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About The Author

Author. Publisher. Advocate

Ren Lowe is an Award Winning Children's book Author. Her goal is to ensure that all black and brown children see positive, relatable characters that remind them of their creativity, self worth, intelligence, and possibility. She is committed to creating books that are fun, Ignite the imagination, and that are enjoyable for children of all colors.

She founded Royaltee Press to ensure her works would be published and to bypass the obstacles many African American authors face when seeking traditional publishing. Her inspiration stems from many places, but especially her 2 young children which she has co-authored books with as well.



Royaltee Press is a Boutique publishing company seeking to fill the racial diversity gap in traditional publishing.


We believe that Highlighting REPRESENTATION, DIVERSITY, and INCLUSION, are essential key elements in children's literature.


Our goal is to publish children's books that will ignite every ROYAL READERS imagination, while also enhancing reading fluency and early childhood literacy.


Royal Reader's Book Collection 

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